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Customers must bear in mind that once they purchase their product and it is installed they then have full ownership of their equipment which offers them one month warranty on the manufactures fault. Customers will take full responsibility of damages caused by electricity power fluctuations, negligence, mishandling, spilling liquids on them, dropping them and tempering with caballing, the electronic board and interfaces. If you are unsure of what the issue is just call so we can advise. The warranty does not cover theft and fire outbreaks that affect the equipment as well as the ACTS OF GOD.


We do not take responsibility of third parties content and contents that viewers store on our system to share with others. Contents that breach contracts and laws will be interrupted and taken off transmission until further notice. All content providers must ensure that the necessary rights are obtained before transmission. Stored or shared contents should comply with the rules and regulations of our content stream policies.


We reserve the right to decommission a service that has not honour its monthly commitment with immediate effect. Customers will not be prompt or alarmed before decommissioning of service. All customers must ensure that they pay their subscription and services fees on agreed times to avoid disappointments. All clients should be aware that once payment is received it could take about 14 days for commissioning and installation of service. Subject to the traffic of orders at that time.


In the events where installations are free we will offer one free visit of which customers must ensure that they are available for the service. In the case where the customer is not available then all charges will apply for the next and subsequent visits. Free installations covers foot prints of up to 2 miles. Any distant beyond that will incur transportation charges at the time of call. The installers will guaranty the installation for a month from the day of installation. Customers will bear their own re-installation cost of moving the equipment from one location to the other. It is obligatory for customers to keep an eye on all installation process and report any misconduct or unprofessional work ethics. Also the customer is obliged to fill in the installation process form to commission the after sale care services.


Customers are responsible for their own equipment’s that they wish to integrate in the installation solution process. Used and third party equipment’s are void of our warranty. Meaning it will nullify the one month manufactures warranty and any installation guaranties.


We implement surveys every four months to help us offer the best service to the customer. During this process we edge all customers to be vigilant and ensure that their belongings are well secured and protected. It is the full responsibility of the customer to supervise the surveyors from the beginning to the end to avoid issues of misconduct of service.


  • We deploy the following stringent processes
  • Pick up a phone and call or walk in to a dealer Centre.
  • Pick a product of choice.
  • Pick up your payment plan and pay amount required.
  • Pick up a receipt.
  • Pick up the generated installation schedule.
  • Prepare for the installation on the given date and time.

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