The SATRAD product, is a bouquet of indigenous multicultural and multinationals radio channels on a satellite or terrestrial platform.

This is strategically  designed for listeners not to have any limitation of radio program choice and also to be appraised with the news of diverse cultures around the world.

The channels of this product focuses on broadcasting different modern-day creative activities that provokes innovation and empowerment to life. It is a must that the listener will have in the comfort of their homes, radio programs of reality shows from the police quarters, hospitals, airports, market place, church sanctuaries,  transport yards, market place, street hoods etc from all parts of the world. These reality show channels come with a classic touch of community radio sports, radio drama and entertainment.  Hear it live whiles it happens live. SATRAD offers up to 250 RADIO channels across the world for your listening pleasure. With our products, we promise that, you will not be left out with your favourite programs. Just record them whiles you listen to other programs or when you are out and about.


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