M7tvnet. This product is a bundle of TV channels and internet data. The bundle has four options on both satellite and terrestrial platforms.

Option 1: 50 TV channels and 2meg data

Option 2: 75 TV channels and 4meg data

Option 3: 100 TV channels and 8meg data.

The TV channels of the above options are composed of top quality sports content, movies, news & documentaries, gospels, music & entertainment plus variety shows of kids & teens, talk shows, reality shows, comedy shows, political shows, radio channels and a reliable fast internet for homes. This was design to cater for exciting social-network lifestyle at home and off office. It was carved for the kids and teens to access information for their work and career. A true experience of the global world at your figure tips whiles you enjoy the channels of your choice.



Tech Support

  • Tel: (00)23331515907 
  • Fax: (00)23331515906 


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