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We employ the services of third party companies to assist us in our delivery services throughout the country. Included parties at present are:

1. Swifters Parcel

2. 3rd media Parcel

3. GIOG Parcel

These authorised companies will ensure that your product are delivered at the appointed time.

Deliveries are processed when a customer has fulfil all requirements and a delivery order is released. Deliveries are scheduled in 2 sessions. Morning and Afternoon sessions. The morning session is from 8:00am till 12:00pm and the afternoon session is from 1:00pm till 6:00pm. A delivery representative will liaise with you in case of unforeseen circumstance or situation beyond control. all deliveries can be tracked on our website under the delivery info tab.

Please ensure that you or an authorised person is at post for collection so as to avoid redelivery which will cost you extra. All recipients must sign the delivery order form to affirm that they have receive the item/s. All delivered items must be kept away from children, from wet and dumb places, from liquids and from fire. Please ensure that no item is rested on the deliveries and keep it in a safe place till the installer comes to commence the work. Be aware that once the equipment are in your care then you are solely responsible for it. Any damage to the equipment will be at your cost. we strongly advice that you do not temper with the product because of its fragility till the professional arrives.

Please ensure to give clear directions for delivery, naming as many land marks as possible. Thank you.

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