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Our entrenched culture is to ensure that, the service satisfaction for our customers and clients are uncompromised. We cumulate all resources to ensure that the services due to our customers and clients are of a top notch cutting edge standard. At M7 we say that customer and client care is our passionate hallmark.

Below are some of the top notch care services we offer to our customers and clients:

1. SEC (Subscriber Equipment Care):  This section of our operation ensures that all our subscribers for a maintenance contract, have 24/7 peace of mind, hustle free, stress free, professional customer relation and rapid technical support. The care scheme is designed for our subscribers to enjoy the triple play care benefits at all times. The contract comes with unlimited support call, special discounts for conditional subscriptions, free upgrades of products, special discounts on media devices, free tickets to events and many more.

2. PAC (Pay As you Call): This is an exclusive care process designed for those who do not want to sign up a contract for their maintenance scheme but pay as they call for the service. The service still upholds the same value of efficiency and integrity of delivery by our professional skilful staff.

3. CORPCARE: Is a special care package designed for the broadcast of the video, audio and data needs of our corporate partners such as group companies, organisations, hotels, hostels etc.

4. GOVCARE: Is designed to cater for the video, audio and data needs of governments to enable them extend their governance to the hinter lands and the urban areas of the country. The system allows all citizens to interact with government for economic development and growth.

5. DIACARE: This is a special service designed for customers who are in the Diaspora and are in need of constant care for their media needs and products in order countries. DIACARE reaches out to boundaries that others avoid. The underlying factor of this service is to ensure that no one is denied of a service they deserve. 

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