M7 TV is a multimedia broadcasting and communication company. The concept of the company was establish by Dr. Kuku Biney when he discovered the seven streams of broadcasting and realised that it is extremely paramount for our living.. Dr. Biney believes that the seven streams of television broadcasting must coordinate to communicate perfectly, in order for the positive values of broadcasting to be appreciated. This obviously will create a massive interest for positive value contents. The seven streams of broadcasting are motion-image stream, still-image stream, sound-audio stream, data-script stream, concept streams,  technology streams and the human-resource league.

M7 TV is a multimedia broadcast company that offers Video, Audio and Data broadcasting services on satellite platforms, digital terrestrial platforms and the web streamlines. M7 TV is a member of PBN (Pan African Broadcast Network) and Bright Network Association (BNA). A network that promotes the cause of economic freedom and enterprise success through the quard broadcast that exist with us today.

M7 TV has identified the need of producing excellent media professionals and top notch multimedia wholesome contents for our living. This in turn has driven a passion in us to ensure that, positive lifestyles are fashioned through broadcast of positive driven purpose.

M7 TV employ the knowledge of the have done and will do, to achieve its remit. Through our research around the world we stand to defer that broadcasting in the 21st century and beyond should suffer poor picture quality, poor sound quality and indecent programming.

M7 TV has install one of the most leading state of the art total turnkey play-out stations and content production studios that has the capability of broadcasting video, voice and data simultaneously. Our global fibre connectivity platform enables us to offer global interactive services with effective excellence. The facility is noted for resilience, reliability and durability at all times.

We will always define the true standards of broadcasting services and do justice to the substandard broadcasting services. We broadcast on multiple platforms such as SAT TV, WEB TV, TERRES TV, MOBI TV, LED TV, IPTV and operate a global On-demand service. We strongly believe that a clear quality picture with a bad sound is degrading and a crispy sound with a bad picture is disgracing. We ensure all our broadcast contents are of high definition standards. Our radio platform delivers quality channels over a stream that is accessible globally.

We are proud to inform you that as you associate with us you have associate with success beyond measure. We are dedicated in keeping your interest at heart and ensures that your viewing and listening pleasures are uncompromised.

Our team are made up of experts with over 30 years experience in the fields of content development and management, television broadcast solutions, multimedia business implementation, social viewing lifestyle, economic development, banking and finance and multiple infrastructure solutions for global broadcast. Our executives, directors and mangers form a responsible leadership committee that ensures that you enjoy the best of the best in the multimedia broadcast industry.

M7tv team deploys 4 strategies at all times for customer satisfaction. Firstly (CR) Constant Research into emerging technologies and contents to ensure that our viewers and listeners are up to date with new technologies that are available and relative to them. Secondly (PR) Procuring Resources that will enable viewers to enjoy efficient broadcasting services and quality valuable content. Thirdly (AR) Awarding Rewards to viewers with the view of changing their lives forever. Finally (MR) Maintaining Relationship with our clients & customers, a healthy one to be precise, so they are assured of a family that always stick out for their media needs and maintain their equipments regularly for efficient use.



Our Vision: Building positive broadcast values in conscience, concepts and contents for economic advancement and development.

Our Mission: Is to take charge of the airwaves with wholesome programming for an enhanced quality of life.

Our Value: Our clean content your clean character

Our Slogan:  Television is to Tell a vision

Our Objective: Is to affect every household positively with positive driven purpose programs in all creative ways.

Our Aim: Is to raise the standard of broadcasting with effective excellence to achieve its true essence for life.

Our People: A group with a wealth of experience in the field of customer relations, multimedia services and business advancement solutions. The group have to their credit over 30 years of experience in the multimedia broadcasting industry. The group is made up of top notch professionals who have had the opportunity to work in renowned entities such as BBC, CNN and other international recognised institutions. A dedicated group that are passionate to the call of our customer needs.

Our Brand: m7tv 

Our Commitment: Is to ensure that all our viewers are satisfied throughout their affiliation with us and our clientèle has the best customer service an entity can ever offer.

Our Core Operation: Is to offer cutting edge Video, Audio and Data broadcast services for the entire family unit and the corporate world.

Our facilities: m7tv has installed one of the state of the art broadcasting platform that offers SD/HD productions and transmissions. Our virtual and live set studios are configured to cater for variety of shows and production in this modern day. One of the interesting facilities we have is the intelligent play-out hub that schedules, assigns logos, generates characters and use time codes for efficient switching of matrix channels and sources. This is to mention a few.

Our Concept & Content Bank: This unique facility allows our viewers and clients to exchange ideas and contents to earnings. The bank invests in the concept or content that is befitting the request of the producer or the executive producer and form a win-win partnership projects for participants. The bank also awards the best prices for the best idea or content creation on a monthly basis. 

Our Gallery: This gallery showcases, still motions contents to expect in the photographic industry for business opportunities. It also reveals clips of the first 10 leading shows and the most talk about TV show for partnership benefits. The gallery allows you to paste your picture edit them into your movie of choice and post your comments whilst you share the moments with friends and families instantly.

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